10 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Cleveland For Satisfying Dishes (2024)

Cleveland's Chinese restaurants offer enticing cuisine, from hotpots to potstickers, orange chicken to fresh seafood dishes.

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10 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Cleveland For Satisfying Dishes (2)

Cleveland’s Chinese restaurants certainly have a lot to offer! Whether you’re craving spicy Szechuan food or looking for some tasty Cantonese dim sum, these top-notch Chinese spots deliver powerful and vibrant flavors that will satisfy any cravings.

1. Li Wah

Li Wah is an inviting Chinese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. The dishes are served family-style, allowing you to share the restaurant’s classic Cantonese delicacies with your loved ones. There are plenty of vegetarian options alongside meat dishes like roasted chicken and steamed fish that provide excellent value for money.

📍2999 Payne Ave #102, Cleveland, OH 44114

2. Szechuan Gourmet

10 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Cleveland For Satisfying Dishes (3)

Szechuan Gourmet is an unassuming restaurant that packs a flavour punch. The menu has a full page dedicated to vegetarian options so everybody can try the delicious dishes. This spot has a cozy atmosphere and the plating is almost as beautiful as the dishes are tasty. Check out the kung pao tofu – a fan favorite.

📍1735 E 36th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

3. China Jade Restaurant

China Jade Restaurant is a hidden gem, offering authentic Chinese dishes with friendly and attentive service. Patrons love the shrimp chips and the tasty wontons but the menu is extensive so you have plenty to choose from. You can try the combo lunches before 3.30pm and fill up on tasty food super-cheaply and it you want to stuff your face at home they offer a delivery service too.

📍2190 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44134

4. Dragon Tower Chinese Restaurant

With numerous decadent dishes on offer, Dragon Tower Chinese Restaurant is a hidden treasure that delivers a satisfyingly delicious meal. The BBQ ribs are super-popular – succulent and sweet. It’s a charming spot with excellent service and friendly staff that is sure to leave you satisfied.

📍17452 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111

5. Dragon Light

10 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Cleveland For Satisfying Dishes (4)

Dragon Light comes highly recommended by customers. Every dish is made with delicious fresh ingredients but the General Tso’s chicken is particularly tasty. Other standout dishes include the house special dragon lo mein and the irresistably zesty orange chicken. Be sure to arrive hungry because portion sizes at this place are generous!

📍3537 W 105th St, Cleveland, OH 44111


Another of Cleveland’s fantastic Chinese restaurants is China Town I. Their beautifully plated dishes are crafted with care and taste delicious too. Service here is really efficient, so if you order a takeaway from this place you can expect it so arrive hot and if you’re looking for recommendations, try the General Tso’s chicken!

📍3718 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109

7. Wonton Gourmet & BBQ

Wonton Gourmet & BBQ prides itself on its tasty dishes, offering an extensive menu including both traditional Chinese fare and Americanized options too. It boasts ample vegetarian options too and customers love the authentic wontons. Mouthwatering stuff!

📍3211 Payne Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

8. Jackie Chen’s Asian Diner

10 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Cleveland For Satisfying Dishes (5)

Jackie Chen’s Asian Diner a beautiful spot in Parma. The decor takes diners to China without the need to board a plane and enhances the experience. You’ll find a huge assortment of dishes here from different places and a warm atmosphere that you won’t forget in a hurry.

📍2199 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH 44134

9. Siam Cafe

At Siam Cafe, the menu is an eclectic mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai dishes so you have plenty to choose from. The combination of the high standard of food preparation and the welcoming staff creates an unforgettable experience. Try the hot and sour soup, mouthwatering sea-food dishes and the Peking duck for a real treat.

📍3951 St Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114

10. Sichuan Hot Pot 九寨溝火锅川菜

Sichuan Hot Pot offers an interactive dining experience. Customers choose the broth from a number of options and it’s served on a hotplate. Then you can choose whatever you’d like to cook in it from the menu. It’s a really fun experience, perfect for date nights, family dinners, or meetups with friends. There’s more besides hotpots on the menu though. Check out the deep-fried spicy chicken for satisfying flavors too!

📍2162 Rockwell Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

Cleveland’s Chinese restaurants offer a diverse range of delectable dishes waiting to be explored, from hand-pulled noodles to crispy egg rolls and spicy hotpots. There is nothing quite as comforting as a tasty Chinese meal and you’re sure to leave any one of these places with a full tummy and a smile on your face.

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10 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Cleveland For Satisfying Dishes (2024)
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