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    WTOV 9

    Litter control officer appointed in Belmont County to enhance cleanliness and safetyBELMONT COUNTY, Ohio — In hopes of increasing cleanliness and environmental safety in Belmont County, a new litter control officer has been appointed. Belmont County Deputy Logan Havas will patrol the county 40 hours a week, as of Wednesday. In the case of an emergency, Havas will be sent...

    1 day ago


    WTRF- 7NewsFur Pets’ Sake hosting Kitten Adoption Days every Thursday and FridayBELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Right now, the Ohio Valley is in the midst of a kitten population explosion. This time of year is always known as kitten season, but this year, cats have been particularly productive at increasing the feline population. Thursday was kitten adoption day at Fur Pets’ Sake in St. Clairsville. All […]

    Saint Clairsville, OH6 hours ago


    WTRF- 7NewsAre animal cruelty defendants manipulating Ohio court system to hide alleged crimes from public?BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Reports about animal cruelty often prompt an emotional reaction among the public. And now, it appears that some individuals charged with these crimes may be making an effort to keep their cases quiet. Belmont County Hoof and Paw humane agents say they’ve seen, in several cases, defendants making last-minute changes […]

    5 hours ago


    WTOV 9

    Belco Works introduces new training facility, aims to enhance job opportunitiesBELMONT COUNTY, Ohio — Looking to the future of Belco Works, a new training facility is coming to Belmont County. "This has been a long time getting to this point, one that often times I wasn't sure we were going to get to, but here we are,” Belco Works CEO Anne Haning said. “This is a huge milestone in our progress."

    1 day ago


    WTOV 9

    Belmont County museum unveils Civil War heroes exhibit, special presentation ThursdayThe Belmont County Heritage Museum is unleashing its newest exhibit titled "Glimpses of Glory: Belmont County Civil War Heroes." On Thursday at 6 p.m., Curtis Kyer will localize history by presenting St. Clairsville native James F. Charlesworth. Charlesworth served in the Mexican American War and Civil War. "It really educates...

    1 day ago


    WTRF- 7NewsBelco Works breaks ground on $3.7 Million training center for adults with developmental disabilitiesBELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Belco Works broke ground today for a new training center in the Fox Commerce Industrial Park. The $ 3.7 million facility will replace their current building on Hammond Road. The nonprofit organization provides jobs and training for adults with developmental disabilities. They shred documents for individuals and businesses, and they […]

    1 day ago


    WTRF- 7NewsPoll workers report “low turnout” for Ohio’s Special ElectionBELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – 7News is your local election headquarters, and 2 words could be heard today at polling places in Belmont County. “Light turnout.” Many people didn’t even realize there was an election. It’s between Republican Michael Rulli and Democrat Michael Kripchak. The winner will go to Congress, but only for six months. […]

    2 days ago


    WTOV 9

    Secretary of State LaRose highlights stakes in Ohio's 6th District special electionBELMONT COUNTY, Ohio — Ahead of the special election results for Ohio's 6th Congressional District, Secretary of State Frank LaRose stopped in Belmont County. The special election will fill Bill Johnson's vacant seat leading up to November’s general election. LaRose provided a behind-the-scenes look at the Belmont County...

    2 days ago


    WTRF- 7NewsWildlife experts say don’t touch newborn fawn, stay calm and carry onBELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — At this time of year, deer are giving birth to this year’s fawns. Those mothers may leave their new baby nestled down in a place where you could find it. But a fawn on the lawn is no cause for alarm. Our local wildlife expert says just stay calm and […]

    4 days ago


    Perry County TribuneOhio Public Works Commission FY2026 application info now availableThe Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) and the Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP) application information and guidelines for Fiscal Year 2026 (Round 39) are now available for Athens, Belmont, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, and Washington counties. Eligible projects include: • Roads/cuardrails • Bridge/culverts ...

    Athens, OH1 day ago


    The Logan Daily NewsOhio Public Works Commission FY2026 application info now availableThe Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) and the Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP) application information and guidelines for Fiscal Year 2026 (Round 39) are now available for Athens, Belmont, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Perry, and Washington counties. Eligible projects include: • Roads/cuardrails • Bridge/culverts ...

    Athens, OH2 days ago


    WTRF- 7NewsOhio Police looking for man who fled near Dixon HillBELMONT COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – Police in Belmont County are currently looking for a suspect that fled on foot from officers near Dixon Hill and 214. Chief Deputy James Zusack with the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department confirms the suspect’s name is Michael Ostrander. He’s described as a white male, 34 years old, 5’10, with brown […]

    6 days ago


    WTOV 9

    7 days ago


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    Belmont County, OH News | NewsBreak Belmont County, OH (2024)


    What is Belmont County Ohio known for? ›

    Belmont County, Ohio, welcomes visitors to an area rich in history and natural beauty. We are proud to be home to many historical landmarks, museums, parks, and festivals.

    What counties surround Belmont County Ohio? ›

    Belmont County, Ohio is bordered by Monroe County, Ohio, Ohio County, West Virginia, Harrison County, Ohio, Guernsey County, Ohio, Marshall County, West Virginia, Noble County, Ohio, and Jefferson County, Ohio.

    What is the highest elevation in Belmont County, Ohio? ›

    The terrain slopes to the east, with its highest point, Galloway Knob (1,396' or 426m ASL) at 1.2 miles (1.9 km) southeast of Lamira.

    What is the most diverse County in Ohio? ›

    Based on the Census diversity index, Cuyahoga County is the most racial and ethnically diverse of Ohio's 88 counties, with 28.9% Black/African-American, 6.6% Hispanic/Latinx, 3.5% Asian, and 3.6% reporting two or more races.

    What is the least populated county in Ohio? ›

    Vinton County is a county located in the U.S. state of Ohio. As of the 2020 census, the population was 12,800, making it the least populous county of Ohio. Its county seat is McArthur. The county is named for Samuel Finley Vinton, US Representative from Ohio (1823–37, 1843–51).

    What is the biggest county in Ohio? ›

    Ashtabula County, Ohio has 702.4 square miles of land area and is the 1st largest county in Ohio by total area.

    What is Ohio famously known for? ›

    More things Ohio is known for

    The Wright Brothers were born in Ohio, marking the state's pivotal role in the history of aviation. The Buckeye State: Ohio's nickname, the Buckeye State, honors its state tree, the Ohio buckeye, known for its distinctive nut resembling a buck's eye.

    What town is on the border of Ohio and Indiana? ›

    Winchester is located in Randolph County on the Indiana-Ohio border. There are an estimated 6 million people within a 2 hour drive and an estimated 50,000,000 people within a 5 hour drive.

    What zone is Belmont County Ohio? ›

    According to the 2023 USDA Hardiness Zone Map Belmont County, Ohio is in Zones 6b (-5°F to 0°F) and 7a (0°F to 5°F).

    Where is Ohio in relation to Michigan? ›

    Ohio (/oʊˈhaɪ.oʊ/ oh-HY-oh) is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. Ohio borders Lake Erie to the north, Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Indiana to the west, and Michigan to the northwest.

    What is Wayne County Ohio famous for? ›

    Known as the "Gateway to Amish Country," Wayne and the surrounding counties are home to the world's largest Amish population. Famous for their beautiful quilts and high-quality craftsmanship, the Amish people are also known for their peaceful ways and timeless lifestyle.

    What is the racing capital of Ohio? ›

    Mansfield is a city in Richland County. It is known as the Carousel Capital of Ohio, Danger City, The Fun Center of Ohio and Racing Capital of Ohio and also the filming location for Shawshank Redemption.

    What is historic about Ripley Ohio? ›

    Among several important abolitionists who called Ripley home, the Rev. John Rankin was famous for signaling to escaping slaves with a lantern on a flagpole at his house, where he would provide shelter and which stands to this day as a National Historic Landmark.

    What are the demographics of Belmont County Ohio? ›

    The largest Belmont County racial/ethnic groups are White (91.7%) followed by Two or More (3.4%) and Black (3.0%).

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