The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Flushing, Queens (2024)

1.OK Ryan


4104 College Point Blvd (41st Ave.), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 19 tips and reviews

Andy Tao:Get the steamed fish, steamed tofu, and salt and pepper pork

Jonathan Tam:The taiwanese salt and pepper chicken over rice here is really good. :)

Devonta:The General Tso's Chicken was amazing with shrimp fried rice. Our server was a nice young lady. The restaurants decor is dated.

2.DunHuang Lanzhou Beef Noodle


136-93 37th Ave, Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 10 tips and reviews

Nick Jones:Wood ear salad with garlic and black vinegar!

Zuoliang Liu:Authentic Lanzhou beef noodle!

Hrimvile Heidklak:Fresh noodles, quick service

3.Hly Chinese Cuisine (三人百姓)


43-23 Main St, Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 7 tips and reviews

Eaters Heaven:Dinner&late meals. Great apps upfront. Dinner: fresh fish, tea smoked duck, sautéed eggplant w/sweet potato, scallion lamb, spicy vermicelli. Skip scallion pancakes. Caramelized potato for dessert!

Katherine Chi:The crispy cumin fish is spicy heaven. Cumin in the batter!!

Voo Nguyen:Rarely do I ever get up and leave a place, but after them telling me they didn't have mapo tofu or pork THEN hearing the next table order both dishes in mandarin and getting them, that is unacceptable

Jon Cochran:The Spicy Tingly Beef Noodles are amazing!

Tasting Table:Don’t miss the ripped bits of flatbread boiled in lamb-bone broth. It may look like gray mop water, but it tastes like pure comfort: Read more.

Time Out New York:This downtown-meets-Chinatown den pleases both Instagram-happy young’uns and Mandarin-fluent grannies. Winner of the 2013 Best Second Act award, as the sophom*ore effort from Xi’an Famous Foods. Read more.

5.Henan Feng Wei 河南風味


136-31 41st Ave (btwn Main St & Union St), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 8 tips and reviews

Anna H:He Nan Hui Mian has a variety of delicious hand-pulled noodles!

Andy Tao:only accepts cash

Andy Tao:Authentic Chinese noodles

6.Dong Yi Feng


135-29 37th Ave, Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · No tips or reviews

7.New Golden Szechuan Chinese Restaurant


13347 Roosevelt Ave (btwn Prince St & College Point Blvd), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 4 tips and reviews

Lianne Khoo:Spicy conch is my favorite

Rashid T:Hot pot, 3 cup chicken, Chongqing chicken

Autumn Baxter:Rice Cakes are great here!

8.Lan Zhou Hand Made Noodle


40-17 Main Street (Shi Hong Mall), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 20 tips and reviews

Ebrahim Bandookwala:The grilled foods ! The Chinese lamb burger with spicy sauce !

Mike Z:#28 Lamb fried hand pulled noodles are what's up!

y content:you can't be serious with $3 for 11 dumplings but THEY ARE

9.Szechuan House


133-47 Roosevelt Ave, New York, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 4 tips and reviews

Sheryl Rivas:The dan dan is definitely spicy, definitely tingly

Emily Wilson:Dan dan noodles, wontons in chile oil, chongqing chicken. This place excels at the hits. Be sure to get something else to balance out all that tingly heat, too (bok choy works well).

Brian Merz:The handful of classics we ordered were all among the best I’ve had in recent memory. That they all were without a single miss makes this a must return to spot.

10.Hunan Kitchen Of Grand Sichuan


42-47 Main St (at Franklin Ave), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 40 tips and reviews

Briana Wuagneux:Cucumber appetizer, cumin lamb, and spicy watercress in bean sauce are amazing!

Serious Eats:Excellent Sichuan worth the walk from the 7 train. Crisp cumin lamb and deeply smoky "dry fried" string beans are standout dishes.

The New York Times:Welcome. Have cucumbers to start, some duck, a soup, the cumin lamb and the “BBQ” fish. Add Tsingtaos. Lovely, no? Read more.

11.Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant 敦城海鲜酒家


133-30 39th Ave (btw College Point Blvd & Janet Pl), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 106 tips and reviews

Bennett:Seafood selection is excellent, be adventurous

Gianni:Dim Sum is all about establishing who's in control

E Tong:Best dim sum in Flushing, Queens.

12.Laoma Mala Tang


#16 New World Food Court (Roosevelt and Main Street), Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 6 tips and reviews

Yukari:This big bowl is very tasty & we can choice foods by ourselves ! That's fun & healthy !!

Joseph Le:Nice and spicy! You get to pick what you want. Comes with a free rice, or two if you spend $25

Go Find Alice:Don’t come here expecting something fancy - it’s basically a “pick your own proteins + veggies” to stir fry in a dr hot pot! It’s delicious!

13.JiangNan 江南食府


133-42 39th Ave Ste 101, Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · 1 tip

Dustin Lee:As the name suggests, the peking duck is not a specialty of the region, and it shows. Dry and flavorless. Skip it and get other dishes from the area

14.Shun Won Flushing Chinese Restaurant


41-27 Main St, Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · Downtown Flushing · 9 tips and reviews

Johnson Toh:I like the Soy Sauce Chicken, it's soft, delicious and yummy.

Victor:Quick service and good food!

Leilani A:First time here & I like it! It's like my favorite place in Flushing so far, maybe because it reminds me of the places my parents used to go.

15.Fu Yuan


135-43 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY

Chinese Restaurant · Flushing · 5 tips and reviews

Winnie:The curry fish balls and rice noodle rolls are delish! Make sure you get the peanut sauce too!

Jase Eng:Get the curry fish balls and cheurng fun! 😛

Elaine L:Cheap rice noodles with choice to add fishballs and stewed beef

The 15 Best Chinese Restaurants in Flushing, Queens (2024)
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