The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (2024)

ByScene Staffon Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 4:26 pm

We can all agree that most food is better when you eat at the restaurant. But in our current situation, we're also looking out for the best food that travels well. Chinese does just that. And these 23 places do it better than anyone else in town, at least according to Yelp users.


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The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (1)

China Jade

2190 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland

“I've been coming here since I was a child. When I think of Chinese, this is what I compare everything to. I live in San Diego now, and I can't find any Chinese like this. Best wonton soup and egg rolls you'll find anywhere.” David L. on Yelp

Photo via China Jade

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (2)

Hunan East

724 Richmond Rd., Cleveland

“Excellent Chinese food, and very authentic. I love their pan-fried noodles. One order is enough for two people. Their beef stew is delicious too. Prices are very affordable for the amount of food. I would highly recommend,” Ben C. on Yelp

Photo via Hunan East/Facebook

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (3)

Richie Chan’s Chinese Restaurant

13181 Cedar Rd., Cleveland

“This wonderful restaurant has authentic Cantonese food prepared by the owners - a husband and wife team who work hard from morning until late at night. The food is fresh and plentiful. Portions are generous and very reasonably priced. We were delighted with our order, and everything was delicious. Richie Chan's has become our go-to place for Chinese food. Highly recommended!” Bip N. on Yelp

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (4)

Ball Ball Waffle

2999 Payne Ave., Cleveland

”We are from Toronto where there are a ton of these places around but this place makes the best one we've had since Stanley Park in Hong Kong. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this place is legit. They've really taken the time to perfect how to make these! The tea is also top notch, well done and truly authentic HK style. This place won't disappoint. Great snack for both sweet, savoury and for tea lovers. Highly recommended!” Amy F. on Yelp

Photo by Douglas Trattner

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (5)

Szechwan Garden

13800 Detroit Ave., Lakewood

“Best Chinese Restaurant in Lakewood. Been getting takeout here for over 20 years. Always good food and reasonable priced. Definitely recommend for a good quick eat dine in or takeout,” Kyle W. on Yelp.

Photo via Scene Archives

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (6)

Sichuan Hot Pot

2162 Rockwell Ave., Cleveland

“With all the great Chinese in Asiatown, I thought this would be a pretty good bet for dinner. It was a GREAT experience- incredible food, really friendly staff. We had fun with 8 people, ordered a ton of food, and it was all delicious. Favorites at the table were the cumin beef, spicy fish, and kung pao chicken. My new go-to!” Emily C. on Yelp

Photo by Doug Trattner

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (7)

Szechuan Cafe

2999 Payne Ave. Ste. 142, Cleveland

“This is simply one of the best Chinese restaurants in Cleveland in my opinion. Located in the back of Asia Plaza (behind Li Wah), it's worth the effort to track it down. All the food is awesome - some of the best flavors I've ever tasted, hot, fresh and quality ingredients. While I mostly eat lunch here during the week, I've come up over the weekend for their hot pots and they are a ton of fun and very tasty,” Dave C. on Yelp

Photo via Szechuan Cafe/Facebook

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (8)

Li Wah

2999 Payne Ave., Cleveland

“I've only ever done take out from Li Wah, so I can't speak to the quality of the restaurant interior. However, this is the greatest Chinese food in Cleveland! Authentic, delicious, and their dim sum survives the ride home. Highly recommend, especially for those accustomed to Chinese from NYC,” Sarah S. on Yelp

Photo via Li Wah/Facebook

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (9)

LJ Shanghai

3142 Superior Ave., Cleveland

“I love this place and I'm so thankful that they are open during COVID. The quality of the food is always consistent, fresh and full of flavor! My absolute favorite item is the Shanghai pan fried flat noodles, best noodles I have ever had!!! And today I tried the Spicy Chaoshou, amazing tender wonton in an outstanding chili oil sauce! This place has to be the best noodle shop in the US, no doubt about it,” Areej K. on Yelp

Photo via Scene Archives

The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (10)

Imperial Wok

33825 Aurora Rd., Solon

“We got a takeout order from here and had a great experience. The ordering process was quick and seamless. Even on a very busy night, the customer service was pleasant and efficient. The food was ready on time when we picked it up. We got an order of Szechwan Chicken and an order of Sesame Chicken. Everything was delicious, and the food was warm even after the car ride home. Everything here seemed fresh and well-prepared. We will definitely be ordering again soon and coming to dine in!” J H. on Yelp

Photo via Imperial Wok/Facebook

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The 23 Best Chinese Restaurants for Takeout in Cleveland, According to Yelp (2024)
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